Mr Fred Ross

8 White Hill Close
Lower Hardres

T: 01227 769275
M: 07803 149146

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National Association of Toastmasters Member

Associate Member

Fred spent a year training to become a toastmaster and is now an Associate member of the National Association of Toastmasters.

He is proud of his Kentish roots and is currently based in Canterbury. As well as his new interest In the art of toastmastering, Fred enjoys golf and Freemasonry.

A man of stature, Fred brings gravitas and a sense of occasion to any event, whilst his good humour and engaging manner put all at ease.

If you are looking for someone to smooth that special occasion, someone with the knowledge and expertise to handle any eventuality with quiet competence, who carries out his duties with correctness and efficiency, combined with a pleasant demeanour, then look no further than Fred.