Mr Chris ~Poole CBE (retired from active engagements )

18 Lordswood

T: 0118 970 1285
M: 07885 326267

Those members shown with * against their name are authorised to train.

National Association of Toastmasters Member


Chris Poole has acquired a reputation around the UK as a professional organiser and director, and in addition to being a Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies, is also in demand as an after dinner speaker.

Chris has trained as a Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies and passed his exams set by the prestigious National Association of Toastmasters becoming a full Member.

He is available for an engagement requiring a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies, and is happy to assist and advise on the planning of the event.

Chris Poole understands that he is participating in your �special day� or �important event� and with calm control and tested experience will ensure an enjoyable and successful occasion.

�The Master of Ceremonies is a very responsible person who ensures that the occasion flows throughout the evening and this you certainly achieved. On behalf of the Southern Region PGA � Thank you�.