Peter Sumner

6 Moorlands Court
Moorlands Road
WR14 2JB

M: 077 3445 3445

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National Association of Toastmasters Member

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The types of events in which Peter is involved are varied - weddings, auctions, conferences and company presentations - but the principal requirement is the co-ordination of any event that calls for a degree of formality, requires a combination of tact, diplomacy and management skills for the effective direction of large numbers of people. His ideal situation is where only a gentle, guiding hand is needed on the day, and that mostly happens when the occasion has been thoroughly planned and thought through - "it's all in the planning, no detail is too small".

Peter is trained and experienced in all of the main wedding formats but no matter what type you're having, engaging the services of a professional Toastmaster will allow you to relax so that you can get totally absorbed in your day and enjoy it to the full. Peter will make sure that all of the formalities and procedures work as they should whilst adding a touch of style for you and your guests on the day. He undertakes an increasing number of weddings in France, most often English couples, or at least one partner is, who wish to marry abroad - and what more romantic place than the home of romance!