Mr. David Tinney

11 Meadow Way
West End
GU24 9JD

M: 07826 752855

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National Association of Toastmasters Member

Associate Member

David Tinney has acquired a reputation as a professional presenter, communicator, organiser and director. In addition to being a Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies he also provides consultancy and mentoring on personal communications.

David has considerable experience, spanning 30 years, of working with high-ranking officials and members of the Government. His training, with the National Association of Toastmasters, ensures quality and high standards for any engagement.

The inclusion of a Professional Toastmaster can make an event so much more enjoyable for your guests and, with a calm and steady hand, David will help to make sure it runs smoothly so that you can also savour the time too.

David is available for any function that would benefit from the professionalism of a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies, and is happy to assist and advise on the planning of the event as well as be your Master of Ceremonies on the day.